At Grand Teton National Park 5th July 2012. It was an overcast day that made it perfect for hiking in. We made it to Inspiration Point, which was 7200ft above sea level; it was exhausting. We hiked along the outside of Jenny Lake before going up to Hidden Falls and then up to Inspiration point. We had a fantastic view of the lake and mountains around us.

There were chipmunks at the rest points and they  were incredibly tame. There were children feeding them and playing with them, and the chipmunks looked quite happy. We saw a pika too, and they’re so cute omg.

The driver of the boat who is paid to drive the boat could not park the boat to save his life. I was watching him from the jetty and just cringing. You shouldn’t need to reverse ten times to get your boat alongside. Sigh. Then people were mean to me for saying the man was awful at driving it. I have 12 year olds who can come alongside better than him.

The Teton day has definitely reignited my love for hiking and camping, so I think my brother is going to become my hiking buddy and we’ll go on trails when I get back to England.

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